Saturday, December 1, 2007

orange pink and white

So this isn't blended perfectly but i was rushing. Wore it to school the other day.

1-After foundation add a base all over your eyelids.
2-Now add white to your brow bone and inner corner of your eye.
3-Use a light pink copiously in the middle third of your eyelid, right up to he crease and a little above.
4-now in the outer V add a bright orange.
5-Blend better than i did.
6- Add a dark pink in your crease.
7- Blend some more.
8- Now apply liquid eyeliner, smoothing it out with a damp eyeliner brush and doing little flicks at the side. mineisn't even cos I am a) uncoordinated sometimes and b) was in a rush.
9-Mascara time!

Eyes are done.

Apply modelco liplights in pink sea shel
AAAaaand then apply sally hansen lip inflation in clear.

And you're finished.

Pink eyeshadow was from a set by miki, white eyeshadow was maxfactor, orange eyeshadow was blush from red earth in disguise, mascara is my usual revlon and the eyeliner was prestige liquid eyeliner. Lip stuff is already covered.

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sarahPUFFY said...

haha, I'm so proud of you lil! you're doing greattt with the tuts. lookin gooood, smexxii. ;D