Saturday, May 3, 2008

Violet+Copper Sparkle

What we're going for ^^

eek im naked. proof that i am human hehhe

Apply foundation where and if needed. buff in with a circular motion.

applying copper sparkle...

all over the lid. best to use a patting motion.

Annd then you clean your brush and put violet pigment in your crease and around the copper sparkle, and blend.

so it ought to look like this!

Clean your brush again and pick up a bit of lavendar, put this around the edge of the violet, blend.

Clean your brush again and apply finnegan's wake all around the eye, blend like a mofo

eyeshadow done, with added delicious fallout.

I really hate putting liquid liner on. But eh. Just follow the arrows and remember less is more.

Annnd lastly, mascara! i also comb through my lashes with a lash comb afterwards.

Annd i didn't show my lips today cos they are reeeally dry, but the blistex stuff is what i wore. i tried on the Hush lippy but it looks awful because of the chappedness. take better care of your lips than i do!
I used glissade as a blush, and the various colours in snow bunny as highlight and contour.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Steel blue high fashion

This look is very heavy and you probably should only wear it out if you're feeling brave! Unless you have magical powers, i recommend doing your foundation LAST to avoid having to redo your foundation after you get fallout all over it.

Step one: Moisturise the face with a light moisturiser (i like to use one with spf because I'm pale).

two: Prep lids with concealer and follow with a primer of your choice (I use a bronzer stick by Miki, and my concealer is a maybelline concealer stick)

three: Take a medium eyeshadow brush and, after tapping some into the lid, apply MAC steel blue pigment all over the lid, sweeping it out to the sides in a V shape. Make sure to really pack it on.

Four: using a small eyeshadow brush, apply a very small amount of the steel blue pigment under your bottom lashline, connecting to your V shape.

Five: Take a matte (or shimmery, your choice but i used matte) black shadow or pigment , I used Natio eye definer in black, with a small eyeshadow brush and using a small bit at a time draw a line (within the steel blue) from your inner corner to the edge of the V. make sure to follow the outside edge of the shape you did before. To get a darker line, use more black, or use it wet, your choice.

Six: Line upper and lower waterlines with Rimmel exaggerate automatic eyeliner in black (or whatever black eyeliner you have, this one is actually kind of craptastic). Tightline (which is done basically by wiggling the liner between your eyelashes. but eveyrone likes to pretend its some big technical thing.)

seven: taking a black liquid liner (i use prestige), unscrew the applicator and grab your angled eyeliner brush, pick up some liner with the brush and draw a veeeery thin line, making it hicker towards the outer edge of your lid. Join it up to the tip of the V. Make another line from lower down, almost on your bottom lashline, and join it to the tip of the v. If there is space between the two lines, fill it in.

Eight: This is where i do concealer and foundation I'm pretty sure you ahve your own way of doing this, however, so i won't say anything about that. Make sure not to smudge your eyeshadow, and that your foundation has a lot of coverage. Apply powder! (loose or pressed, whatever floats your boat.)

nine: Contour your cheekbones (i used DB bronzer in winter), and then apply a light lihgt pink blush. Your hihglight for this look should be a shimmery colour that almost mathces your skintone, NOT white, as it would be just a biiit too much with your massive pointy eyes. Blennnnd.

ten: Dab concealer on your lips, blend it out. Apply a brown lipliner to the outside and blend it inwards so there is no harsh line. Apply MAC lipstick in Hush, blot, repeat.

eleven: Now i'll finally let you put some mascara on :) I hope you know how to do that o.O. You can also apply false lashes for a little extra oomph!

et voila! High fashion!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

black and pink!

sorry shauna, i promise i'll do that purple look soon! *grovels*

today i did a pink and black look, as you can see.

1: Foundation nation! actually that's a big fat lie because i did it last. switcharoo as you desire.

tap some into the lid and using a small, WET shadow brush, swirl it around til your brush is covered.
Apply the pink shadow all over your lid and let it dry.

3:Find your fyrinnae still breathing pigment and tap some of that little floozy into the lid of its respective container! As you did with your pink, use a small wet eyeshadow brush (you can just wash the one you used before if you dont have like 40 billion of them like i seem to have, since it need to be wet anyway.)
Ugh how do i describe this part.

Apply the black shadow to the outer third of your eye in a sort of retangular shape, but with a curved indent.

4: wait for it all to dry.

5: Once dry, take a tiny fluffy dry eyeshadow brush and blend the black into the pink, moving it acros the crease quite a bit, and over the top of the shape. Also blend the whole lot upwards.

6: Apply Natio eyeliner pencil in white on your lower waterline

7: apply prestige liquid liner in black on your top lash line

8: Now carefully apply rimmel black eyeliner pencil to your upper waterline.


9: after foundation and blush (i don't wanna describe blush here as we all ahve our own technique that works for us), apply a good lashing of black mascara (who cares what brand, i mean seriously guys. its all black :P)

10: Apply revlon just ittne lip stain in blood orange, followed by sally hansen lip infusion in clear.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wainbows :)(aka rainbow)

Please ignore my facial expression.

1- Your full face routine.. I go moisturiser, foundation, powder, contour (though i didn't do much contouring here). Follow with a base on the eyelid.

2- Grab your brightest yellow eyeshadow and make a triangle on your inner corner, followed by an arch that ends where the line would be if you drew one form the tip of your eyebrow to the outer corner of your eye.

3- Get a very light, shimmery yellow and put that above the bright yellow on your brow bone, blend them together. Add some more light yellow (just a little) on the inner corner and blend. You should now have a sort of yellow gradient line with a naked lid :P

4- Grab some gold pigment/eyeshadow and use just a tiiiiiny bit next to the yellow on your inner corner.

5- Using a yellowish orange, apply some next to the gold, closer towards the middle of the eyelid, blend.

6- Using a more red toned orange, apply next to the previous colour, almost at the middle...

7- Apply a nice big chunk of red next to the orange and blend!

8- Apply a hot pink next to the red and blend (make sure you are blending into the red next to it AND the yellow above)

9- I didn't have a proper purple so i used magenta, next to the hot pink, blend.

10- Use your indigo on the outer corner and then a very, very small amount in the crease. Blend.

11-Grab a grass green and make a line from the outer corner of your eye to the tip of your eyebrow, blend.

12- apply a line of mid blue on your lower lash line, starting from the middle and ending as a flick on the outer edge of your eye, blend.

13- apply a mint green from your inner corner on your lower lash line to meet the blue, blend.

14- Apply a very thin line of black eyeliner on the top lid, and on the inner corner of your bottom lashine, extend to a small point.

15- now apply some blue eyeliner on your waterline aaannnd...

16- lots and lots of black mascara.

eyes are done!!


I used a bright pink blush extending along my cheekbones, a darker blush underneath that for a little contour type thing, a highlighter on top of all that, and then blended like an insane blending machine.


Apply maybelline forever metallics lipstick in ruby lustre(luster), blot. follow with revlon juicy licious or whatever its called in strawberry.. kisses? it tubbed off the tube.

and you're done

i used fyrinnae pigments, a modelista palette, the aforementioned lip products, revlon mascara and eyeliner and a designer brands bronzer. Oh and a revlon highlighter.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Fools Gold

Well my Fyrinnae pigments just arrived and this is the first look I've done with them!
It uses Steampunk, Gilded Wings, Pyro, Finnegans Wake and Winter, Again for the eyes and Rvlon 'Just Bitten' Lip tint in blood orange for the lips, with The Body Shop Lip Gloss in Mango. I also used Revlon Powdery lustrous whatever. i forget its proper name but its basically highlighter. And Revlon fabulash waterproof mascara in blackest black

Once again, i'm still working on blending but it looks pretty damn good if i say so myself.
Oh and I'm not wearing foundation.


1- Apply Revlon super lustrous powder to cheekbones, forehead and chin (sparingly, we don't want to be sparkly)
2-using a medium sized eyeshadow brush, apply Steampunk up to a little tiny bit above the crease of your eyelid.
3- Apply Gilded Wings over Steampunk on the inner corner of your eyes and blend.
4- (I used the same brush but you might find it easier to use something smaller) Apply Pyro in your crease and blend blend blend.
5- Apply Finnegans Wake on your brown bone and blend down into the Pyro and Steampunk.
6-Apply Winter, Again on your inner corners (but only very slightly) and blend.
7- Curl lashes and apply revlon fabulash waterproof mascara in blackest black to upper lashes only.

1- Apply Revlon Just Bitten in Blood Orange and blot, repeat if necessary.
2- Apply The Body Shop lip gloss in Mango over the top