Monday, November 26, 2007

Blue gradient with cateye

Well, this is my first .. ok second attempt at a cat eye shape with liquid eyeliner.
It's not as easy as i hoped it would be but i guess practice makes perfect right?

1- Apply your usual foundation routine, and an eyeshadow base.
2- In the inner corner of your eyelid, apply your lightest blue.
3- Follow up next to that, in the middle third of your eyelid, with a medium blue.
4-On the last third and outer V of your eye apply your darkest blue.
5-Apple a white or similar highlight colour on your brow bone.
6- now, using a very small amount of the white, blend each colour together, as well as blending the top line into the white.
7- using a liquid eyeliner, draw a thin line as close to your lashes as humanly possible.
8- using a damp eyeliner brush (oohhhh crafty), blend out the line a little so it is more smooth.
9- make a littel v-shape extending from the eyeliner at the inner corner of your eyes and connect it up to your bottom lashes.
10- fill in the V shape with black pencil eyeliner, and line your waterline too.
11-at the outer corner, using the damp eyeliner brush, smudge a line pretty much straight out from the corner and connect it back to the eyeliner a little higher up, creating another v. fill it in
12- follow up with loads of black mascara

any mistakes can be fixed with a q tip, a makeup removal towelette or a makeup remover pen thing.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Russian Whore

So this is the makeup i wore for my ballet recital.
it's also my first attempt at a step by step photo tutorial.
i had to leave out some photos cos they were rank and blurry or so yellow they were unsaveable.
but i'll describe it as best i can.
This is really heavy makeup because i wore it on stage and the lights bleach out some of the colour, plus you sweat it off if you don't wear much.

After applying your usual foundation routine (making sure it is completely and totally MATTE), and a base, use a light grey or silver eyeshadow over your entire lid. Make sure it's quite heavy.

In the outer corners, use a darker grey eyeshadow, again, heavily.

I didn't get a photo of step three but this is the finished eye product. Apply a dark brown or black eyeshadow in the crease, then line the top with liquid eyeliner, extending flicks out to the side.
Epic amounts of mascara are a must for the stage, unless you have freakishly dark, loong eyelashes.

Line and fill your lips with a lip liner or lip crayon that matches your lipstick.

Go over the liner with your matching lipstick. I used a revlon lipstick in .. black cherry?, and then blot the bastards!

now using a lighter lipstick, go over the top. Whee pretty and shiny right?

sorry for the lack of blush photos, i was too stupid to remember to take any :)
Just apply ludricous (but not tooo ludicrous) amouts of a reddish-pink blush on your cheekbones, with a little extra on the apples of your cheeks.

hope its ok!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Blue Flick (pretty simple)

As you can probably tell i didn't wear foundation today.


If you want to look good do your foundation!

1- Using a small brush, apply a line of blue eyeshadow as if it was eyeliner, only about 5 mm wide, and then flick way up at the ends
2- using a black liquid liner, draw a line alone the edge of the flick and another little black flick at the corner of your eye.
3- lots and lots of black mascara!
4- White eyeliner on your waterline.

woo exciting haha
1- Apply a light pink lip gloss.
wow that was difficult.

Revlon fabulash mascara in blackest black(waterproof)
Natio eyeliner in white.
Prestige Let Loose! shimmering shadow dust in Thrill
FaceofAustralia Liquid eyeliner in Black
Modelco Liplights in pink sea shell

Marie Antoinette

So i wore this makeup to my year 11 formal, which was fancy dress.

You start with a full face of your usual foundation rotuine, make sure to use a powder over the top and also make sure it's blended into your neck. Perfect looking skin is a must for this look in particular.

1- After foundation and powder, check for foundatio lines or risk looking stupid.
2- Take a white eyeshadow or face powder (i used eyeshadow because I couldn't find face powder) and buff it onto your entire face and neck. This may take 3 or 4 layers and you'll probably use quite a bit of powder so buy something cheap if you don't want to waste your money. I only used 2 layers because I'm already reeeaaally pale.
3- That's your face done :P

1- Use a pink tinted blush on the apple of your cheek and along the cheekbones. Don't be too heavyhanded or you could end up looking totally stupid.

1- Apply a pale-ish pink lipstick and blot.
2- Follow up with either clear or pink tinted lipgloss.

1- Fill in eyebrows with an appropriately matching eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow. I used dark brown eyeshadow.
2- If you haven't already, apply white eyeshadow over the whole lid.
3- Apply light purple/lavendar eyehshadow on the inner corner
4- Apply light pink eyeshadow from where the purple ends to the outer corner of your eye and a little bit above the crease.
5- using either a dark purple, dark pink or grey, define your crease.
7- Apply white eyeliner on your waterline
8- Use a black mascara, but not too heavily


Revlon Fabulash in 'Blackest Black' (waterproof)
Pink holographic eyeshadow from a Miki set
Loreal Feel Natural Concealer in 'medium'
Australis Mousse Makeup(spf 15) in 'ivory'
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 'Transparent'.
Miki eye shine in Miki Mauve
Max factor eyeshadow in 116 Wicked White
An unidentified pink lipgloss and lipstick.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So this is some sort of doll/ goth lolita type of makeup I wore for a costume party ..fairly recently.


1-Firstly, make sure ALL of your problem spots are totally concealed and your concealer is blended well.
2- Apply foundation all over your face, and your neck. Make sure you don't have nasty foundation lines. Ew. No.
3- Follow up with a pale powder foundation all over your face and neck again. Obviously .. Blend it!
and lastly...
4- Add white powder over the top, but don't go too OTT or you'll end up looking stupid. Sorry but its true. Blend.


1- Apply a small amount of a pinkish blush to the apples of your cheeks. Most people like the whole huge red cheeks thing for a doll look but i dunno, it just looks childish to me.


Okay this was.. semi exciting.

1- Apply concealer and blend blend blend.
2- apply your first coat of uber dark lipstick, carefully.
3- Blot that lipstick like you've never blotted before!!!
4- put powder foundation over your lipstick
5- Apply moar lipstick and then blot. (yes i realise that is not the correct spelling of more)
6- Now using either a cotton bud/tip/q-tip soaked in makeup remover, or a makeup removal towelette, remove the lipstick in the middle in a cupids bow shape.

EYES: (yay fun)

1- Apply a base (I use nivea cream)
2- Apply white eyeshadow (not too much, use neutral if you're heavyhanded!) up to the brow bone.
3- from your lashes to a little above the crease apply a dark grey or silver eyeshadow.
4- Apply very very dark grey or black eyehsadow in your crease.
5- blend like a (skilled) maniac.
6- Using a black liquid eyeliner, do two or three little flicks at the dorner of your eye, and also line the upper lash line.
7- using the same liner, draw two straight lines going down from abooout the centre of your lower lash line.
8- Lashings and lashings of black mascara on top and bottom lashes.


I did this look quite a while ago, hence the slightly shaky liquid eyeliner.

hope you enjoyed!

Orange and Blue

Okay! Well this is the makeup i wore to school today. i'm not going to go over the skin stuff again cos I did that last time and some people have differentroutines anyway.

1- Apply eyeshadow base
2- brush a highlighter or light neutral eyeshadow on your brow bone
3- Use a bright orange eyeshadow (i actually used a blush here), apply it til it meets the neutral shadow and blend blend blend.
4- using a small brush, mix a drop of water with some blue eyeshadow or pigment and apply as you would liquid eyeliner, from the inside to the outside of your top eyelid.
5-use a black LIQUID, I REAPEAT LIIIIIQUID eyeliner to do two flicks at the corner of each eye
6- Follow up with lashings of black mascara.

I used!
Revlon Fabulash mascara in blackest black (waterproof)
Red earth blush in CI001
Prestige Let Loose! shimmering shadow dust in Thrill
FaceofAustralia Liquid yeliner in Black
(plus foundation etc)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ballet Class! (simple)

Ok so this is the makeup that I wear every wednesday for my Ballet class!
It's a simple neutral look and it's easy to do. If you want a photo showing my full face I'll get one as soon as I can!
Apologies for my eyebrows I know theyre not very sexy haha.

1- Start with a clean, moisturised face. Make sure to let the moisturiser sink in for about 2-5 minutes depending how much time you have.

2- Find any problem spots you have (eg under eye bags, red spots, pimples) and conceal them.

3- Apply your foundation (I use the lightest shade of Australis mouse foundation), making sure you don't leave a big fat line on your jaw or near your hairline, blend!

4- Next, apply a translucent powder or powder foundation, but not too heavily. (Mine is by Rimmel)

5- Ok now we're ready for the fun part. Take a bronzer that's very similar you your skin colour with a tiny bit of shimmer in it and sweep it across your cheekbones. Make sure it's blended well!

6- Using a small eyeshadow brush, put a small amount of a very lght brownish grey eyeshadow all over your eyelid up to your brow. Follow with a darker grey in the outer V of your eye, and then a dark brown in the crease. Make sure that you blend each colour well.

7- Use a white eyeliner on your lower waterline.

8- Apply a generous coating of mascara (I used revlon fabulash in black waterproof)

9- last but not least, apply a lipgloss that's fairly neutral, i used modelco liplights in pink seashell (not that you can see it but hey)

What I used:
Revlon Fabulash in 'Blackest Black' (waterproof)(upper lashes)
Covergirl Fabulash in 'black brown'(lower lashes)
Revlon Overtime shadow in 'brownstone'
Loreal Feel Natural Concealer in 'medium'
Australis Mousse Makeup(spf 15) in 'ivory'
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 'Transparent'.


Welcome to Seizure Seasons!

I'm Lily and i recently (today in fact) decided to start my own makeup tuorial blog..thing!

So i'm not a professional or anything but i'm pretty good. I think so anyway.

I learnt everything i know from the girls over at Http:// , so head on over they're a good bunch of girls (and 2 guys.. plus one sometimes)

aaannnd I'll post my first tut shortly.

Late December/Early January there will be some more exciting fantasy themed tuts going up, because they'll be used in my year 12 major artwork so you can look forward to those, but for now it will all be pretty simple, cute, every day tuts.

<3 Lily

btw i don't usually use those emo heart things.