Saturday, May 3, 2008

Violet+Copper Sparkle

What we're going for ^^

eek im naked. proof that i am human hehhe

Apply foundation where and if needed. buff in with a circular motion.

applying copper sparkle...

all over the lid. best to use a patting motion.

Annd then you clean your brush and put violet pigment in your crease and around the copper sparkle, and blend.

so it ought to look like this!

Clean your brush again and pick up a bit of lavendar, put this around the edge of the violet, blend.

Clean your brush again and apply finnegan's wake all around the eye, blend like a mofo

eyeshadow done, with added delicious fallout.

I really hate putting liquid liner on. But eh. Just follow the arrows and remember less is more.

Annnd lastly, mascara! i also comb through my lashes with a lash comb afterwards.

Annd i didn't show my lips today cos they are reeeally dry, but the blistex stuff is what i wore. i tried on the Hush lippy but it looks awful because of the chappedness. take better care of your lips than i do!
I used glissade as a blush, and the various colours in snow bunny as highlight and contour.

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