Saturday, April 19, 2008

Steel blue high fashion

This look is very heavy and you probably should only wear it out if you're feeling brave! Unless you have magical powers, i recommend doing your foundation LAST to avoid having to redo your foundation after you get fallout all over it.

Step one: Moisturise the face with a light moisturiser (i like to use one with spf because I'm pale).

two: Prep lids with concealer and follow with a primer of your choice (I use a bronzer stick by Miki, and my concealer is a maybelline concealer stick)

three: Take a medium eyeshadow brush and, after tapping some into the lid, apply MAC steel blue pigment all over the lid, sweeping it out to the sides in a V shape. Make sure to really pack it on.

Four: using a small eyeshadow brush, apply a very small amount of the steel blue pigment under your bottom lashline, connecting to your V shape.

Five: Take a matte (or shimmery, your choice but i used matte) black shadow or pigment , I used Natio eye definer in black, with a small eyeshadow brush and using a small bit at a time draw a line (within the steel blue) from your inner corner to the edge of the V. make sure to follow the outside edge of the shape you did before. To get a darker line, use more black, or use it wet, your choice.

Six: Line upper and lower waterlines with Rimmel exaggerate automatic eyeliner in black (or whatever black eyeliner you have, this one is actually kind of craptastic). Tightline (which is done basically by wiggling the liner between your eyelashes. but eveyrone likes to pretend its some big technical thing.)

seven: taking a black liquid liner (i use prestige), unscrew the applicator and grab your angled eyeliner brush, pick up some liner with the brush and draw a veeeery thin line, making it hicker towards the outer edge of your lid. Join it up to the tip of the V. Make another line from lower down, almost on your bottom lashline, and join it to the tip of the v. If there is space between the two lines, fill it in.

Eight: This is where i do concealer and foundation I'm pretty sure you ahve your own way of doing this, however, so i won't say anything about that. Make sure not to smudge your eyeshadow, and that your foundation has a lot of coverage. Apply powder! (loose or pressed, whatever floats your boat.)

nine: Contour your cheekbones (i used DB bronzer in winter), and then apply a light lihgt pink blush. Your hihglight for this look should be a shimmery colour that almost mathces your skintone, NOT white, as it would be just a biiit too much with your massive pointy eyes. Blennnnd.

ten: Dab concealer on your lips, blend it out. Apply a brown lipliner to the outside and blend it inwards so there is no harsh line. Apply MAC lipstick in Hush, blot, repeat.

eleven: Now i'll finally let you put some mascara on :) I hope you know how to do that o.O. You can also apply false lashes for a little extra oomph!

et voila! High fashion!


Aelwyn said...

Super sexy---one of my faves!

Lily (aka girloflowers) said...

wheee, thankyou!

Anonymous said...

Lil, I love it, you really rock that colour... I´m still not brave enough to wear it out, sadly. But at least I know now that my pigment sample is in the best hands ;-)

snowy aka addie

Anonymous said...

aww thanks :) i love it so much :) it lives in my 'most used' section of my traincase

i forgot my password so this is lily but its anonymous.