Wednesday, November 21, 2007


So this is some sort of doll/ goth lolita type of makeup I wore for a costume party ..fairly recently.


1-Firstly, make sure ALL of your problem spots are totally concealed and your concealer is blended well.
2- Apply foundation all over your face, and your neck. Make sure you don't have nasty foundation lines. Ew. No.
3- Follow up with a pale powder foundation all over your face and neck again. Obviously .. Blend it!
and lastly...
4- Add white powder over the top, but don't go too OTT or you'll end up looking stupid. Sorry but its true. Blend.


1- Apply a small amount of a pinkish blush to the apples of your cheeks. Most people like the whole huge red cheeks thing for a doll look but i dunno, it just looks childish to me.


Okay this was.. semi exciting.

1- Apply concealer and blend blend blend.
2- apply your first coat of uber dark lipstick, carefully.
3- Blot that lipstick like you've never blotted before!!!
4- put powder foundation over your lipstick
5- Apply moar lipstick and then blot. (yes i realise that is not the correct spelling of more)
6- Now using either a cotton bud/tip/q-tip soaked in makeup remover, or a makeup removal towelette, remove the lipstick in the middle in a cupids bow shape.

EYES: (yay fun)

1- Apply a base (I use nivea cream)
2- Apply white eyeshadow (not too much, use neutral if you're heavyhanded!) up to the brow bone.
3- from your lashes to a little above the crease apply a dark grey or silver eyeshadow.
4- Apply very very dark grey or black eyehsadow in your crease.
5- blend like a (skilled) maniac.
6- Using a black liquid eyeliner, do two or three little flicks at the dorner of your eye, and also line the upper lash line.
7- using the same liner, draw two straight lines going down from abooout the centre of your lower lash line.
8- Lashings and lashings of black mascara on top and bottom lashes.


I did this look quite a while ago, hence the slightly shaky liquid eyeliner.

hope you enjoyed!

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