Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Orange and Blue

Okay! Well this is the makeup i wore to school today. i'm not going to go over the skin stuff again cos I did that last time and some people have differentroutines anyway.

1- Apply eyeshadow base
2- brush a highlighter or light neutral eyeshadow on your brow bone
3- Use a bright orange eyeshadow (i actually used a blush here), apply it til it meets the neutral shadow and blend blend blend.
4- using a small brush, mix a drop of water with some blue eyeshadow or pigment and apply as you would liquid eyeliner, from the inside to the outside of your top eyelid.
5-use a black LIQUID, I REAPEAT LIIIIIQUID eyeliner to do two flicks at the corner of each eye
6- Follow up with lashings of black mascara.

I used!
Revlon Fabulash mascara in blackest black (waterproof)
Red earth blush in CI001
Prestige Let Loose! shimmering shadow dust in Thrill
FaceofAustralia Liquid yeliner in Black
(plus foundation etc)

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