Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Welcome to Seizure Seasons!

I'm Lily and i recently (today in fact) decided to start my own makeup tuorial blog..thing!

So i'm not a professional or anything but i'm pretty good. I think so anyway.

I learnt everything i know from the girls over at Http://cupcakemafia.netdiscussion.net , so head on over they're a good bunch of girls (and 2 guys.. plus one sometimes)

aaannnd I'll post my first tut shortly.

Late December/Early January there will be some more exciting fantasy themed tuts going up, because they'll be used in my year 12 major artwork so you can look forward to those, but for now it will all be pretty simple, cute, every day tuts.

<3 Lily

btw i don't usually use those emo heart things.

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